Whether we are sick or healthy, whether we have money or we don’t, whether we have a decent relationship or not, we always need to remember we are players in the game of life, and if we aren’t willing to walk through fire, then we are not interested in playing the game.

Every life has chaos. There is no such thing as a life without chaos. The question is how do we handle the chaos, what do we do with it, how do we make it work for us so that we become better functioning human beings because of it.

Frustration is a sign that we are done with the way we have been living so far. Every obstacle in life serves to help us gain the energy to climb the ladder of self development and growth. The challenge that it brings and that we have to  face is simply a way to help us reach a higher level of connection with self. Life will never give us more than our capacity to balance and to change – we can be certain of that.