Therapeutic Core Treatment

Releasing self-destructive coping mechanism and free yourself from Eating Disorder.

Education derives from the verb educe, which means “to draw forth from within.” The original teaching method of Socrates of drawing from within has been largely displaced. Students are taught how to take exams but not how to think and write or how to deal with feelings and emotions and finding their own path.

I aim to draw the very best out of every person I work with. Education is core in my treatment, in a holistic way, incorporating all aspects of a person. My work is based on teaching my clients to release self-destructive coping mechanisms and to learn to experience a Life of self-acceptance and inner freedom. My program, based on over 10 years of specialized eating disorders recovery, provides positive life-changes, cognitive and behavioural changes, emotional guidance and learning to transform your negative, and pre-conditioned thinking into more realistic and loving cognitions about yourself.

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