Will I be locked into a series of sessions after an initial consultation?

No. An initial consultation is usually arranged to allow the client to explore their issues. We will then discuss whether the client wishes to return for further counselling.

How long does a session last?

Sessions usually last an hour.  However, I can adjust this to meet your circumstances.

How often should I attend a session?

Sessions are generally on a weekly basis and last for one hour in duration. Fortnightly sessions may be appropriate depending on a client’s needs and circumstances and at a later stage in the therapy.

Will I conduct sessions remotely (by phone or Skype)?

Yes, I conduct sessions remotely with some of my current clients. However, I do believe it is vital, if possible, to conduct the initial sessions face-to-face.

What are my hours of work?

I work during the days, and can meet clients in the evenings and at weekends.

What is my policy on cancellations?

Should a client need to cancel an appointment, 48 hours’ notice is required, otherwise a cancellation fee commensurate to the cost of the session will be applied.